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To shoot 8 Enhanced Virtual Tours across the entire WorkLife portfolio across London Reading and Manchester, showcasing every inch of each location, from the communal areas to the private offices.

Live Example

Click on the image to be taken to the enhanced virtual tour of WorkLife Fitzrovia, W1.


The team at WorkLife got in touch with us around march 2020, just around the time that the world began to realise that Covid-19 was unfortunately not going anywhere anytime soon.

WorkLife wanted a virtual tour solution that would help them present any of their 8 locations to potential tenants whilst on an initial Zoom call, allowing their team to offer as close to a first-person viewing as possible and enabling them to answer questions not only verbally but also visually as if they were touring the client on-site.

They wanted the ability to showcase any part of the building within seconds so that they could jump from area to area with a single click, allowing them to jump from a specific vacant office to any of the many meeting rooms, and everywhere in between.

After the virtual viewing was completed, they wanted to be able to leave the client with the virtual tour so that they could do their own snooping around, and opting for the enhanced virtual tour with the text navigation meant that not only would the client be able to be self-sufficient in their exploration, but they would also be given the key information needed for the specific areas they were interested in renting via the information cards that pop up when moving to each key area/room, along with call to action buttons to encourage them to take the next steps towards become a new tenant.


In total, 12,273 images taken, from which we created and retouched 984 panoramic images which were used to create the 8 final enhanced virtual tours. These tours were then integrated into the existing WorkLife marketing in 2 ways.

The enhanced virtual tours were not actually made public on the website, but were rather used in-house behind the scenes. The team use the virtual tours to showcase the space to those who have booked a tour of any of the spaces online. As the tours included all of the spaces, including offices that were already occupied by existing tenants, this decision to keep the tours away from the general public eye allows them to stop the general public snooping around where they shouldn’t be!

WorkLife also wanted to be able to use the individual 360 images of all the meeting room areas to showcase meeting room areas that are available to the general public. See below some of the examples of implementation




Screenshot 2021-02-09 at 02.05.58.png


Since the Covid-19 outbreak and the implementation of the tours:

  • Over 300 Virtual viewings carried out over Zoom

  • 14min avg user viewing time

  • 280+ calls to action taken

  • 245+ meeting rooms booked

  • 45+ vacant offices let

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