Hotel Virtual Tour Case Study


Project Description

Travel to the boutique GHV hotel in Vicenza, Italy to create a bespoke virtual tour highlighting all the key areas of the hotel.

Along with this, we carried out 3 days of specialist interior photography to be used side-by-side and match the quality of the bespoke virtual tour, along with a session of food and lifestyle photography, capturing close to 100 images across the entire estate.


Golf Hotel Vicenza reached out to us to assist them with the big plans they had for their hotel marketing. After acquiring the hotel from another group in 2018 and spending approx €4.5m to renovate the entire estate, GHV felt that it would be essential to commission Biztour to create a portfolio of marketing material that would reflect their luxury, high-end offering.

We booked a set of days over July 2019 to fly out to the hotel to carry out the necessary works. Working closely alongside the GHV operations director, we successfully covered all key areas across the hotel, leaving no stone unturned, and creating a set of tools that have effectively helped to increase enquiries and bookings by 58% and 37% respectively, a huge ROI for the hotel.

Bespoke Virtual Tour

Click on the image to be taken to the GHV bespoke virtual tour.

Commercial Photography

Click on the image below to be taken to the gallery of interior and exterior photography taken across the Golf Hotel Vicenza which includes shots from the rooms, restaurants, bars, spa, pool, conference and meeting rooms, and other key areas.

Biztour Exhibition London

Food Photography

A photoshoot showcasing all of the signature dishes of the hotel restaurant were also taken to be added to their gallery page.

Biztour Exhibition London


As with any marketing tool, if it is not accessible within the first few seconds, don’t expect any significant usage. We advised GHV to place a call to action button titled ‘View Hotel 360 Virtual Tour’ above the fold on their homepage, making the link to their bespoke virtual tour one of the first things their online visitors see upon visiting their website. As such, they’ve had a tremendous response rate and saw enquiries increase by 58%, with a 37% increase in bookings.

Biztour Exhibition London
Hotels Virtual Tour Case Study

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